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Dems Knock Donald For Going To Alabama Game, So NFL Superstar Sets Them Straight

You better believe Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. We patriots cheer every day Trump is in office. But there is a segment of society that cannot stand it.

These angry liberals still refuse to accept the fact that Trump is president. They pretend the last year was just a big mistake. When they are confronted with the reality that Donald Trump is their president, they freak out.

Even simple things send them off their rockers. Be it a simple tweet or a public appearance, liberals meltdown whenever Trump is mentioned. That is even true when we learn Trump is going to a football game.

Thankfully there are still people in the public eye with common sense. Such as an NFL great, who set the record straight to liberals everywhere.

From Breitbart:

Legendary University of Georgia running back Herschel Walker made an appearance Monday on “Fox & Friends” to talk about his school’s upcoming national championship game against the University of Alabama and his friend President Donald Trump, who will be at the game.

Walker said Trump has been “getting a raw deal” with people “forgetting” about respecting the office.

“[W]e voted for him to be president, and because of that, we have to respect him as our president,” Walker stated.

Walker shares some common sense that few liberals seem to possess. Like it or not, Donald Trump is our president. He deserves the same respect and support as any president. Consider the successes he’s had this year, he deserves even more than most.<>

Far be it for most liberals to accept that. They are determined to ruin President Trump’s agenda. They really believe they can remove him from office. As if that were possible.

Herschel Walker is also sending a message to every Trump voter. We must back our President, even when the media attacks him. Every day, the liberal media invents a new lie to take him down. Are we going to believe them, or the man we elected to the White House?

Regardless of who we are, we should heed Walker’s words. More people should express his sentiment.

Source: Breitbart

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